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The future of pro controller

Playing games with a controller is fun if you want to play on a console. It’s something designed for a console and it can be extremely helpful and convenient. But at the same time, a pro controller also has its downsides. Which is why something like the Mouse Controller can be a very good option. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap pro controller that barely works. Even the Steam controller tried something different, but it’s still not idea.


Controller limitations

Most controllers like the Xbox Elite, PS3 controller, even a modded controller still have their fare share of limitations. Your focus is on removing those and making the experience better and more efficient. One of the major limitations of a controller is definitely seen in FPS games. Titles like Fortnite, Warzone and shooter games in general reward accuracy. The truth is that a controller won’t give you the upper hand in FPS games like R6, COD, Valorant or Warzone. It’s a much better idea to find an alternative.


Another important thing to note is that many consoles won’t go super well with third party controllers. That means the Razer Wolverine or a budget pro controller won’t really deliver the same value or results like a genuine unit. But if your controller breaks, you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a native controller.

Then there’s also the fact that some games just need more buttons when compared to a regular controller. So you do end up having to deal with limitations which will indeed become an issue if you want to play a game like that in the long run. Even if it doesn’t feel like a whole lot, the benefits can be amazing and that’s exactly the thing to keep in mind.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about spending weeks learning how to use the mouse and keyboard when you want to play at a highly competitive level. Instead, the Mouse Console is simpler, easier and highly efficient for any player that usually enjoys using controllers more, yet still wants to enhance his gameplay.


What can you do?

If you got a cheap pro controller the truth is that it won’t last you a whole lot. A pro controller sounds great until you realize that it won’t give you the upper edge in any videogame. You still have other challenges to face, and that’s why it makes a much better idea to choose alternatives.

And that’s why we consider Mouse Console to be the much better option. Instead of a Power A Fusion Pro, Nacon Revolution or Astro C40 controller, you are much better off going with the Mouse Console solution. The idea is simple, you get to have a mouse that’s keeping the mouse design, but which adds keyboard and mouse buttons placed like the controller layout, and you can use it with both hands. It really helps push the limits without sacrificing any of your gameplay. If anything, it just makes the experience a whole lot better.



Should you use the Mouse Console in shooter games?

What’s cool about Mouse Console is that yes, you can use it in any type of game you want. It gives you that console vibe, while also offering more control and accessibility. Not only that, but the aim is better, and you will find yourself much better at shooters. It’s a very cool game and one that you will enjoy more than you might expect.

Many of us want to buy a pro controller hoping it will improve our aim and gameplay experience. But that’s just a more durable controller. If you really want to get better in Fortnite, COD, Warzone, R6 or Valorant, then the Mouse Console is the ideal option. It gives you the flexibility of the mouse with the ease of use you want from a controller. You will have a more accurate aim and faster response time, while also enhancing your gameplay. Check it out today!

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