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This Mouse Controller could be your alternative to a Gaming keyboard and mouse for ps4, ps5, Xbox, etc, consoles, or PC

MouseConsole: Gaming keyboard and mouse combo for any controller or console player to compete among the master race in the least period of time. It is very familiar to a controller and its settings. Can’t wait to begin my gaming experience with a REAL mouse & mini gaming keyboard/keypad for Valorant, Call of duty including Warzones along with the benefits of 360 analog movements in games like Fortnite.


Early birds (attached pictures) going to have 3 preset for some games like Valorant, Fortnite & Call of duty (including Warzone) with one extra preset which can be used for any game which supports M&K by adjusting some in-game binds for a particular(extra) game. I personally can’t wait to play Valorant as it's still not out for PS4 or any controller Officially. It will be going to help many of my gaming friends & many people I have met online

This is the whole Purpose I believe for MouseConsole to help people who are currently unable to switch to Mouse & keyboard for muscle memory & other aspects.

Comes with 4 Preset mappings for Valorant, Call of duty & Fortnite on any platform +1 extra preset for any game to play with MouseConsole.



Mouse sensor's DPI up to 12000 (Early birds will come with fixed DPI for each preset)

Software required to change button function is currently in progress. We'll notify our buyers as soon as it gets ready to use. You can only use 4 preset that come with MouseConsole in Early birds.