Controller vs Mouse: Never a positive experience

CONTROLLER is easy to use but challenging to compete in multiplayer games. There is no doubt that the Mouse is the master of the game, but learning them isn't easy either.In order to learn KBM, the daily effort is required over a long period of time while sacrificing your k/d and other in-game stats 

M&K's beginner level player is always worse than the controller beginner level only because of the very tough controls of the keyboard. On the PRO level mouse conquer the controller mainly because of the REAL TIME accuracy in a mouse




 It is easy to learn and compete with, specially designed for controller players to maximize their potential with years of muscle memory acquired from controllers, as well as the same in-game mechanics found in games such as Fortnite, COD, R6 Siege, etc.

MouseConsole works with PC & all of the console games which support Mouse & Keyboard on PS4, PS5, Xbox, etc,

Controller Vs Mouse:

Debate on this topic would never end and won't benefit any one of you ever only until you look at it from this new Perspective.

What do you use to play video games with?

MouseConsole: The best of both worlds - First Prototype of Mouse Console gaming controller with a gaming mouse. Controller plus mouse is equals to MouseConsole gaming mouse with keypad.

MouseConsole 1.0 - Prototype

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Switch from Controller to Keyboard & Mouse

was never this easy. Normally, tons of practice & patience is required to learn keyboard muscle memory and get used to for a console/controller player and all of this struggling to switch now came to an end for players by far more easily than ever before