Frequently Asked Questions

‚Äʬ†Mouse Console¬†works with Fortnite, Call Of Duty..etc¬†games on any console or PC (PlayStation & Xbox).

Yes, including all games supporting mouse & keyboard for console (PlayStation & Xbox) users including PC players who would like to play with controls of a controller.


‚ÄĘ Do we need to plug the controller into Mouse Console?

 No, Mouse Console is not an in-game cheating device.


‚ÄĘ How game¬†respond to¬†Mouse Console?

The game performs functions from M&K controls on-screen which can easily be set exactly like your controls on the controller on Fortnite, Call of duty etc. This is the main reason for developing our custom hardware & software accordingly


‚ÄĘ Which games support¬†Mouse Console¬†in console (PlayStation & Xbox)?

Fortnite, Call of duty..etc

All of the games support a mouse & keyboard on any device. console or PC


‚ÄĘ How to¬†switch¬†between 5¬†built-in customizable¬†presets?

Use a small button present on the bottom of the keypad with 5 LEDs to notify the user on which preset he/she is. 


‚Äʬ†How I can be able to¬†customize keybinds¬†for different games I play?

You can save up to 5 games settings using MouseConsole Keymapping software

Using our software/application on windows, ios & android users can fully customize your key binds as they want them to.



‚ÄĘ With controller Fortnite building functions are different than m&k. Can I be able to play controller-like settings in the Fortnite game?

The only reason to build or own a piece of hardware and software only for this reason, as all the buttons on the mouse & keypad in Mouse Console perform similarly to mirror controls of the controller binds for any game which you can further customize each button as you were using them in controller along with scroll wheel as an extra function you can set for gun key binds or other


‚ÄĘ Do¬†I¬†need to¬†adjust¬†keybinds every time with¬†the¬†application?

No, if you want to play the game you were playing last time & you can also preset your settings in Mouse Console with many games